Boost Conversions and AOV With a Conversion Optimization Program Tailored to DTC

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You can't control Facebook, Google, or TikTok's algorithm.
But you can control your website.

In a world of rising ad costs, getting the most our of your ad spend is always a challenge.

At one point, you might feel like you've tried everything, but you're not sure what's truly working, or if that new PDP design will actually boost your conversions, or have the opposite effect.

We help ecommerce brands de-risk their business through conversion optimization. Using analytics, customer research, and experimentation methods such as A/B testing - we help them optimize their websites so they have a chance at winning customer acquisition.

And that's exactly why DTC brands like Dr. Squatch and DIFF Eyewear have been working with us for nearly 4 years, and made millions of dollars as a result of CRO.

Our full-site optimization program is driven by data, generating clarity and revenue lifts for every client.

BestSelf's Self Journal

+ 23.9%


“The SplitBase team is great to work with and I recommend them to anyone looking for help with analytics and A/B tests…”

- Cathryn Lavery, CEO

+ 26.8%


“Before SplitBase, we had no way of systematically understanding which elements of our ecommerce experience contributed to conversions and why. We constantly updated our site and hoped for the best but we never knew which change had pushed the needle and why.”

- Alice Millard

Haute Hijab Results

An experimentation program backed by qualitative and quantitative data. Not gut feelings.

While some claim to "know it all" as to what works, and what doesn't, even after thousands of tests conducted, we know that the only way to know what's truly going to work for your brand is by researching your customers.
We analyze your analytics to uncover the best paths to purchase, conversion roadblocks, and biggest growth opportunities.

Then, through our qualitative research process, we dive deep into:

Your customer’s needs, wants and desires

What’s holding them back from buying

What triggers them to make a purchase

What you get


Google Analytics Tune-Up

Tuning up your Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts, and setting up goals, funnels and event tagging for improved reporting.


Conversion Blueprint

Our signature quantitative and qualitative research process that helps you gain insights into what your customers think and want, which becomes the foundation of the optimization program.


Continuous Insights

Research doesn’t end after the Conversion Blueprint. We launch polls, surveys,  and analyze your data every week to deliver new insights to help you make better business decisions.


Design, Development, and Analysis of Experiments

We take care of the full A/B and multivariate testing process end-to-end, requiring little to no involvement from your design and development teams. This even includes building new landing pages.


Weekly Consulting Sessions

We don’t believe that monthly reports are enough for an organization to gain the most from CRO. We want to be partners in your growth, working as an extension of your team.


Continuous Revenue Increases

At the end of the day, our goal is to make you more money. And if we agree to work with you, it's because we're convinced we can generate a massive ROI.

Our ecommerce clients typically see a minimum of 7-10x returns within the first phase of the program.

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Increased ecommerce revenue
by ~1.6M

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Increased mobile conversion rates by high double digits

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Added 6 figures / month in subscription revenue

Do you qualify for our full-site optimization service?

Companies that benefit the most from this conversion optimization program typically have a minimum of:

$5M+ /yearly online revenue

90k+ /monthly unique site visitors

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